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What should we bring on our fishing trip?

  • Drinks & Snacks: whatever you would like to eat/drink on board. 

  • Fishing License see below for more details.

  • Rain Gear.  Dressing in layers is our recommendation, it can be hot or rainy -  see more below

  • If you get seasick and use seasickness medication, we recommend taking Dramamine the night before, drowsiness wears off and typically it lasts for 24 hours (not Doctor’s advice!).

Can I bring alcohol on the trip?

  • We want you to have an enjoyable experience! While we encourage a lively atmosphere, we cannot permit excessive intoxication. If participants become too intoxicated and their safety is a concern, we may need to conclude the trip early to ensure everyone's well-being.

How should I dress for the trip?

  • Our trips offer the comfort of an enclosed cabin with a heater for warmth, but the fishing action unfolds on the open deck, exposed to the elements. Even during summer, mornings can be chilly and damp, with afternoons warming up. To ensure your comfort, we advise dressing in layers and bringing rain gear, regardless of the season.

Which licenses and tags do I need?

  • If you already have a valid Oregon Fishing license, you're all set. However, for Salmon, halibut, or sturgeon fishing, remember to obtain a Harvest tag as well. If crabbing is part of your trip, be sure to secure a Shellfish license.

  • For those without an existing Oregon Fishing license, Oregon offers a hassle-free solution with a one-day license, which includes the required harvest tag and Shellfish license.  

  • Where can I buy my fishing license? 
    These are the options

    • Purchase online and print yourself

    • Purchase online and use electronic tagging with the odfw app.

      • You must be logged into the app and ready to tag fish before we leave the dock!

    • Purchase from a local Oregon Vendor

            For online purchases or to find local vendors visit the ODFW site  HERE  

How long is a fishing trip?

  • Our near-shore excursions typically last around 8 hours, but the duration may vary. Factors such as catching our limits, weather conditions, and tide considerations may lead to a shorter trip.

  • For the deep-sea Tuna and Halibut adventures, anticipate a more extended outing lasting up to 12 hours!

What is your cancellation policy?  

  • Deposits are refundable until 30 days from the trip, then they are non-refundable for cacellations.

  • Cancellations and No Shows within 7 days of the Trip will be charged full price (unless canceling for weather).  

*For either scenario, if we can re-book your day with another group, the deposit can be refunded and no charge for the trip made

Fishing License Requirements 

  • Fishing Licenses are required, either printed or through the myODFW app

    • *** If using the my ODFW phone app, be logged in and ready/able to mark HARVEST***

  • Oregon Licenses - You may purchase licenses online at or visit a local retailer (Tillamook Sporting Goods, Fred Meyer, etc.). The ODFW online system makes things pretty simple, and e-tagging works great! If you choose to do online, be sure that after accessing the ODFW website you create an account for each angler, which requires a SSN, birthdate and email address (the same email can be used for multiple accounts).

    • One-Day License (e-tag): To purchase the  license, choose, “access full ODFW account online.”  Login then click, “purchase from the catalog” and select the “One Day Angling & Shellfish License.”

    • One-Day License (printed):  Scroll down below the login section to “Guest Checkout,” select the “One Day Angling & Shellfish License” and then checkout. Remember to repeat this process for each angler.. Be sure to print both the license AND tag and bring them with you on the day of your trip.

    • If you created a myODFW account, please login and make sure you stay logged in and ready to tag your catch PRIOR to your trip. If you are purchasing day licenses for more than just yourself, the printed method can be easier

  • **FISHING WITH KIDS - Kids must have valid licenses to fish! **​

    • Kids age 11 and under must purchase the $5 Youth Combined Angling Tag and will receive their Annual Angling license for free

    • Kids ages 12-17 will need a $10 Annual Youth Angling License and the $5 Youth Combined Angling Tag

    • Create a myODFW account for your child or visit a local retailer to purchase

    • Appropriate Clothing-  It's the Northwest, be prepared.  If you are fishing with us along the coast, the marine environment can be very different from the rest of the region. 

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